Twindale, an unknown little town from Massachusetts. Jude Westwick, seventeen years old, an indolent and rebellious student, is forced to spend in punishment his Saturday afternoon together with his best friend, Big Head, an ingenious hacker. Headmaster Wells came with one of his typical ideas: the boys are supposed to classify and scan all the old newspapers from the records of the Twindale High library. On the first page of an old newspaper, Jude recognizes the villa he lives in with his family: a savage crime, that happened fifty years before, allows him to find out about the existence of an underground. Down there, he will find out a terrifying secret regarding his own nature and destiny. A thousand-year-old secret, kept by his parents, members of a sect called the Golden Dome.

Split between his love for the beautiful Emily, a student who has just transferred to Twindale High, and Amber, a mysterious dark lady; helped by the inseparable Big Head and chased by a relentless bloodhound that is called John Doe, Jude will learn to use his powers and to confront himself with the destiny that awaits him, and will eventually become a man.

The starting chapter of an Urban Fantasy saga, in perfect balance between dark atmosphere and teen drama.